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Lose 8 - 10 kg in 9 weeks

Hi everyone :)

I'm hoping that posting my mission here will help me to stick to my diet and lose the weight I want to lose.

3 years ago I weighed a whopping 120 kg (I'm 170 cm tall and 24 years old) With a lot of will power and careful eating I lost 50 kg and got down to 70kg. My goal was always to reach 65kg but those last 5 kg never seemed to come off.

I'de recently gained 10 kg taking my weight back up to 8' kg but i've managed to get that down to 75 kg but I seem to have stuck again... yo-yoing between 73 and 75 kg without much progress. I'm due to make a trip to Spain in June to visit my parents after nearly 2 years without seeing them (I live in Argentina) and I want to look my best.

So my goal is to try my best to lose 8 - 10 kg in the 9 reamaining weeks before I'm due to travel. I had been planning to walk 10 km everyday with my dogs (5 km in the morning and 5 km in the afternoon), but i've had a bought of Bronchitis this week so we'll see how that clears up before I start walking again.

Anyway i'm statrting my diet tomorrow and i'll be posting my weight each week. Any tips or advise anyone had for me would be of a great help. :)

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Date published 25-Mar-2010
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Hope you're recovering well from your spell of bronchitis. Incentive for losing weight - great, though, from your picture that you've included, you're lovely and fit already. Some thoughts...

1. Cut out white bread and white sugar. 2. 'Food combining', also the Mediterannean way of life.




3. Also, have cups of tea or coffee (no milk) and put honey (1 tsp.) and cinnamon (half tsp.); it's great as a warming drink, helps to keep down the pounds, helps your immune system fight back, good for colds and flu..

4. Dance to fast bop-py music, provides cheerful sounds in your home, increased metabolic rate when you dance and work up a sweat - try samba or salsa music.

5. Use the stairs instead of lifts or elevators.

6. If you work and eat lunch sitting at your desk, at lunchtimes, plan to take a brisk walk and eat lunch somewhere else. If you work close to a shopping centre in town which has an enclosed space during inclement weather, that's even better.

I had a stroke and increased from size 10 (UK sizings).. to 14... back down to 8-10... following the above natural-ways of living (I'm still paralysed in my right arm and hand, walk with a legbrace now, was in a wheelchair before) as I'm not able to exercise as a active person would do.


So, the best of luck with your mission.

Date published 25-Mar-2010
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See if there is a fitness boot camp in your area. Their purpose is to get you to lose weight, gain lean muscle, cut fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness level and they are very succesful at getting people through a plateau fast.

Date published 26-Mar-2010
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Hi. Thanks for your comments :)

I'd never heard of food combining before but i've already incorporated it into my diet plan.

Okay, so this has been day